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TOYO SYSTEM supplies total solution (consulting) on battery
manufacturing based on 20 years experiences with major battery makers.

Lithium rechargeable battery is a key device for solving environmental issues and energy problems. TOYO SYSTEM is supplying evaluation equipments to all battery related customers such as battery users, manufacturers, material manufacturers and R&D center. TOYO SYSTEM might be the only supplier can correspond to all kinds of battery related customers' requests in the world. The high safety standard of lithium rechargeable battery evaluated especially by TOYO SYSTEM's equipment might be the world standard. Also TOYO SYSTEM has many domestic and international patents on special safety function of evaluation equipment.

USA DOE (Department of Energy) had executed $2.4 billion to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of the next generation of U.S. batteries and electric vehicles last year and USA DOT (Department of Transportation) proposed to strengthen safeguards for air shipments of lithium batteries and cells, including when they are packed with or contained in equipment in this year because more than 40 airtransport-related incidents involving lithium batteries and devices powered by lithium batteries have been identified since 1991. The other countries follow USA. The time for TOYO SYSTEM to contribute to the world by battery evaluation and safety test equipment has come.

Most houses shall not receive electricity from power plant but generate and accumulate energy to lithium rechargeable battery pack in home in the near future. Natural power plant uses lithium rechargeable battery as a buffer between unstable generation and stable distribution of energy to plants and homes. Shoji already kept many futures that have already happened in his mind. What he has to do is just realizing them.

The charge-discharge test machines (TOSCAT-series) and safety test machines (TOSMAC-series) of TOYO SYSTEM are indispensible for the development of high performance lithium rechargeable batteries for hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles. TOYO SYSTEM's long conviction of a "much smaller battery with much higher capacity" was realized for global friendly environment and green energy.

TOYO SYSTEM wants to continuously contribute to find solutions of environmental issues and energy problems by supplying its equipments for high safety standard in the world.

TOSCAT series

Battery Test Systems for various advanced Primary & Rechargeable Batteries and Packs, especially for Li-ion & Li polymer Battery

TOSMAC series

R&D battery manufacturing equipmentsin high efficiency and productivity, especially for R&D, Pilot Plant of Li-ion & Li Polymer Battery

Battery Evaluation (Safety) Testing Service

Battery evaluation & Safety testing and reporting service on batteries for customers

Pack business

Customized designing the Circuits, Mold and Jigs of new customized pack for customers