Vision and Mission
From CEO

"Serving the world through expertise in energy"

TOYO SYSTEM has very wide range of customers. Most of major electric vehicle makers in Japan such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi and in Europe use TOYO SYSTEM's battery evaluation machines. For example, Toyota has developed its battery technologies for the world famous Prius and Mitsubishi has evaluated batteries for i-MiEV with TOYO SYSTEM's evaluation equipment. Major battery makers in Japan such as Sony and Panasonic and ones in overseas country such as Samsung SDI, LG Chemical also has developed their battery technology for notebook PC makers of Dell Computers, HP and cellular phone makers of Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson and Motorola with TOYO SYSTEM's evaluation equipment.
TOYO SYSTEM's evaluation equipments have been supplied to many R&D institutes in various countries for development of next generation battery technologies. As explained so far, TOYO SYSTEM participates in the most advanced battery development for electric car makers, mobile device makers and cellular phone makers and so on.
Japanese major rechargeable battery makers have most advanced technology in the field of the small and light-weight battery development, and most of them have adopted TOYO SYSTEM's evaluation equipment.
The safety standard of the lithium rechargeable battery in Japan is strictest in the world and this standard will be the world standard. TOYO SYSTEM is the only company in the world which can produce evaluation test equipment which meets such high safety standard.
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