Vision and Mission
From CEO

Thank you for looking into TOYO SYSTEM.

I hope that you find this homepage both interesting and informative concerning our products and services.

Although we were founded in 1989, we have been able to grow rapidly into global prominence in less than two decades, thanks largely to your kind patronage and support. In recent decades, the world has been transformed by such conveniences as the automobile, telecommunications systems including mobile telephones, and notebook PCs. These and other dramatic Scientific developments have not come without disadvantages though, namely greater environmental pollution and destruction of the natural order that threatens life itself. As a result of concern over such issues, TOYO SYSTEM is making an increasing number of contributions to environmental improvement and society through technological advancement in the energy & environment industrial sector.

As a leader in this field, Japan has an impressive share of the world marketina number of products. In addition, Japan is first in the world to develop a mass production system for a hybrid electric vehicle. We are justifiably proud of our intensive research and development efforts in that project have led to our global status as a leader in our field. At TOYO SYSTEM, we have been able to resolve all relevant issues by challenging the technological difficulties inherent in fields related to batteries. For example, we became first in the world to develop testing equipment for the analysis of internal pressure, external temperature and cycling characteristics of cells as well as development of technology for the early detection of increased internal pressure in Ni-MH cells. Other important developments include testing equipment for unique features of Electric Vehicles in operation and the world's first testing equipment for Hybrid-Electric Vehicles.

As a result, we are a major supplier of advanced testing equipment to battery manufacturers around the world, and our own cell chemistry engineers are even offering their own advanced cell evaluation method. We have also developed battery making machines for R&D and established evaluation lines for mass production. It is through such creative technology and R&D efforts that TOYO SYSTEM has been able to play such a leading role at all levels and in all fields.