Vision and Mission
From CEO

"Serving the world through expertise in energy"

By challenging technological difficulties and seeming impossibilities,
TOYO SYSTEM is opening up a ner gateway to advanced battery production and evaluation systems.

We are confident that through our accumulated experience and our research and development activities, we can make major contributions to the applied energy industry and to the quality of life.

Experts who challenge the impossible: In justa decade, TOYO SYSTEM has leaped into prominence as a leader in the quality production of battery-related products and evaluation machinery. And through heavy investments into research and development, the company plans to grow even further in the coming century as a global leader in the applied energy sector through advanced products and services. With a mission to protect the environment while providing the finest in energy efficient products, TOYO SYSTEM will do its utmost to bring the world of tomorrow into the world to today, for you and for the world.

It's also very important to procure and cultivate talented personnel because TOYO SYSTEM's world top-ranking customers continuously request high level of technologies and high speed development.

TOYO SYSTEM cultivates engineers who have participated in development since establishment and aggressively procures gurus who spin out from major battery makers and test equipment manufacturers to satisfy customers' needs.

TOYO SYSTEM tries to do its best to give better treatment with reasonable personnel system to those various engineers. This makes them to continue difficult development for customers with an easy mind.